Going Higher

At InSpace, we build relationships between technology and humanity. We leverage an established and growing international network of space scientists and engineers from the academia and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to find solutions for environmental and social problems using remote sensing technology. Over the years we have broadened our scope and expanded offices under our current CEO, Dr. Alessandra Abe Pacini. We are a mission driven company whose goal is to ensure STEM education and outreach improves the funnel of innovators throughout the US, Caribbean and Latin America.

The scientific and technical advances emerging from InSpace research are applied to the development of innovative products/services, consulting materials and educational content. Our outreach program (K-12 and undergrad) aims to educate and inspire the next generation STEM workforce (especially girls), while supporting early-career and minority scientists. InSpace operates from its headquarters in Camuy, Puerto Rico and has additional offices and affiliates in New York, Virginia, and Maryland.